Install floors 6X faster with the Quikbrace Floor Installer

Quikbrace Flooring Machine

Quikbrace Flooring Clamps

Lay Floors up to 6X Faster with the QuikBrace™ Floor Installer!

No hitting, no kicking, no chiselling or prying into place
Flooring Clamps : Award winning solution


Time is Money

Save 20 seconds per lineal meter.On an average 400m job, that’s 8000 seconds… Or 2.2 hours per day!


Built by a Pro Installer

Designed by a Professional, Award Winning Floor Installer. Built to last, and wont let you down. Global 3 year warranty. 300+ units sold. Zero returns.


Impressive Credentials

Finalist 2018 NWFA PLANK TANK National Wood Flooring Association Winner 2016 Innovation of the Year Australasian Timber Flooring Association

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